Woodside / Portola Valley

The City of Good Living

Portola Valley, California, sits in a peaceful valley astride the San Andreas Fault.  Since incorporation in 1964, development has been slow and the town has kept a rural ambiance reminiscent of days gone by. Details of the prehistoric era are little known as few Indian artifacts have been recovered.

Extensive residential development did not begin until after World War II, and by the early 1960s, many residents had become alarmed by increasing pressures for housing and business expansion. Therefore, in 1964, they voted to incorporate in order to have local control over development. The goals were to preserve the beauty of the land, to foster low-density housing, to keep government costs low by having a cadre of volunteers, and to limit services to those necessary for local residents.

In the view of many, a good balance between modern development and pastoral quiet exists in the community today. Portola Valley is home to 4,500 residents in 1,700 households. Nineteen hundred acres of permanent open space exist within the town. Residents continue to treasure the town’s environmental and historic heritage, its excellent public schools and its town government staffed by a multitude of volunteers.

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